Jurors from 12 Angry Men Ranked (by Hotness)

Inspired by @georgeypoorgey's much more thoughtful list Jurors from 12 Angry Men ranked. (did I mention that I'm problematic)
  1. 12.
    Juror 10
    Loud and abrasive, but not handsome enough to pull it off
  2. 11.
    Juror 2
    Milquetoast af
  3. 10.
    Juror 5
    Slightly less milquetoast but only slightly
  4. 9.
    Juror 1
    The only male high school teacher no one had a crush on
  5. 8.
    Juror 4
    Probably could be higher but has the face of a mid-century movie villain
  6. 7.
    Juror 11
    Gets docked for the stache
  7. 6.
    Juror 6
    Probably does the dishes every night without complaint. Baby faced angel with terrible hair
  8. 5.
    Juror 9
    Cute old man but you can tell he was KILLIN it in the Depression years
  9. 4.
    Juror 8
    Conventionally attractive, nice guy, but maybe a little too dramatic. The guy you know you should date but feel stymied by the relationship. You marry him anyway because it's 1957 and what else are you gonna do?
  10. 3.
    Juror 3
    Huge old man dickwad but a hot old man dickwad. A face you wanna smack and then kiss
  11. 2.
    Juror 7
    Definitely has his frat letters tattooed on his ankle and I would lick the sweat off his forehead
  12. 1.
    Juror 12
    The pretentious business major of my dreams