Requested by @amber
I stay in a lot of hotels and this one had some unique features (requested by my homegirl @amber✨)
  1. First off, weird name
    Okay so I didn't giggle at this because I am Mature and Professional, but Gaylord National is a weird name for a hotel. I see no reason for it and it only encourages dumb boy jokes like the ones I had to endure all week
  2. Also, your layout is confusing af
    It should NOT take me 30 minutes to find my room. I disliked this a great deal
  3. Bed/pillows are 🔥
    A+ furnishings, way to go
  4. Toiletries are a big nope
    No one wants to smell like fresh cut grass and i had to use copious amounts of shamp/condish in order to not look like a greaseball. I took a gamble on your shower stock and it didn't pay off. That's the life of a betting man tho
  5. Room service menu is expansive, overwhelmingly so
    I had to crowdsource my order. What did people do before List App???
  6. But fucking delish
    Worth every penny of the $35.82 I spent on a quesadilla and ice cream
  7. Overall grade: B-
    Don't get caught up in the fancy and forget about the practicalities
  8. PS I hope your maids enjoyed the two Miller Lites I left behind