Inspired by @olivi_ahh / @TQ
  1. We met on Tinder
    I know, right? I've learned my lesson
  2. I joked that usually guys start off conversations with a dick pic
  3. We bantered
  4. I gave him my number
  5. And he sent me a dick pic
  6. ...
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  7. Which is all it took to fall in love
  8. We went to bar trivia
  9. And candidly discussed how well it was going
  10. He said "we should do this again next week"
  11. And I said "absolutely, sounds like fun"
  12. Waited for 5 days afterwards
  13. ....nothing
  14. Finally texted him "care for a rematch at PJs?"
  15. ....nothing
  17. Fuck you bro, I'm a catch
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