1. Q
    I love everything about Q. It looks so round and regal like a portrait of Marie Antoinette. It's like K's softer, gentler, and more sophisticated older sister. Plus its eternal companionship with U, a generally overrated letter, is so endearing. Q & U are my OTP
  2. W
    The sheer number of syllables needed to say this letter out loud is such a bold choice, especially for something so technically insignificant as a single letter. I admire W's chutzpah.
  3. Y
    The most versatile letter. A vowel. A consonant. A question. Y gives so much and asks so little. A truly altruistic letter.
  4. All the other letters
  5. Z
    Z is such an enigma. Is it "zee" or "zedd"? Why does zedd autocorrect to Zefferelli in my phone? When will we stop adding z's where s's rightfully belong as if it adds some kind of cool factor?