#Draftmas lets get it
  1. How to fill in my eyebrows
    My eyebrows have been a plague upon my face for 24 years but not anymore! Now they almost match!!
  2. How to quickly make a banded row table in MS Excel
    No more manual shading and reshading and reshading again every time I reorder a table! Bless conditional formatting!
  3. How to fix a pants zipper if it breaks right before you go on stage
    Cut a little slit a few notches above the bottom of the zipper, and connect it there instead!
  4. How to protect iPhone cords with the little springs from retractable pens
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    Life changing! Wrap the coil around both ends of the charging cord! Has saved many chargers so far!!!!
  5. How to List
    Is this a verb yet? It should be a verb. (EDITORS NOTE: I now remember that it was already a verb)
  6. How to jump start a car
    Suggested by @santaclaus
  7. How to make a hashtag on a MacBook key board.
    Yeah, I know. It took until 2015.
    Suggested by @denesha