Made a game time decision to go to the Pitt/Notre Dame game this weekend, so I'm trekking across the state on a Greyhound bus like a true patriot. This is my story.
  1. PREFACE: I'm kinda drunk.
    I needed some social lubrication for this 7 hour public transportation journey. Also I'm meeting my friends out when I get in at 12:30 and didn't want to be too far behind but I got a little ambitious and now I am maybe too drunk for 5:15pm???
  2. Being in the Philly Greyhound station reminds me of being a poor college student without a car
    I used to make this bus trip every other month when I was at Pitt. Nostalgia is hitting me hard rn
  3. Now I'm a poor college grad with a leased car
    Pretty much the exact same situation but with a 401K
  4. This is definitely the first time I have been here in anything other than sweatpants
    Everyone else looks so comfy and I feel SO TRAPPED by my work clothes. I mean I'm in jeans but still. Why didn't I change???
  5. (Bonus update: my high school best friend's cousin randomly sat directly across from me on the train on the way to the bus station! Such a weird/fun/amazing coincidence and I'm very concerned she could smell the alcohol on my breath!!!)
  6. There is now a Charging Dock Station with exactly 31 outlets!
    This is a new feature! Back in the old days (2011) you had to battle your fellow bus patrons for one of the 4 functional outlets in the waiting room! Now we are all equals in the charging game and it honestly makes for a much more pleasant experience!
  7. UPDATE: only ~10 of them work and everyone is panicking
  8. I'm just now realizing how impulsive this trip is
    I bought this bus ticket 4 hours ago and I don't have tickets to the game tomorrow. I was going to run so many errands tomorrow! I had to board my dog!!! What was I thinking!!!
  9. But I also don't care????
    Maybe because I'm drunk but mostly because I get to see my friends and drink like college students and ITS PITTSBURGH!!!!!!!!!
  10. And I get to meet @amber tomorrow!!!!!!!
    AND I AM AS GIDDY AS A SCHOOLGIRL!!!! I hope she likes me! And doesn't think I'm too crazy! This feels like a Tinder date but without the underlying fear of aggressive sexual advances!
  11. There's a guy in the waiting area wearing a fanny pack where he keeps his phone, charger, wallet, and WALKMAN
    I now want to be his friend. And also wear a fanny pack. Why do we pretend like those aren't cool?? They're so convenient and WAY more logical than a purse?
  12. The people next to me are engaging in a VERY fake deep convo about religion
    And they are YELLING about it in a public place? It's so weird. Can confirm that these people are sociopaths.
  13. My bus is literally 4 minutes late and I'm so annoyed about it
    Because I am trash. Someone else is going to drive me across the state and I'm complaining bc he isn't ready when I am. What a nightmare.
  14. The guy who was prophesizing earlier is now in front of me in line and dicking around with the aisle dividers. This annoys me a great deal
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    He's probably mid-thirties and so clearly needs SO much attention. I am praying we don't sit anywhere near each other
  15. Oh god I just lost my balance and now I am very convinced that everyone knows I'm drunk
    I'm sure no one actually noticed but I'm panicking. Hopefully they don't tell my mom or the police omg
  16. Now I am HYPER aware of my balance and I am very obviously swaying
    Do you think anyone notices?? I can still type fine so I know I can't be that bad off but damn
  17. My bus is now 10 minutes late and homeboy is still fucking with the dividers
    If I cut off his hands, I think they would consider it a crime of passion
  18. He's trying to make small talk about how late the bus is and I'm blocking his ass so hard
  19. The new Greyhound buses are LIT
    Power outlets! WiFi! So many features!!! I should be a spokesperson @greyhound DM me
  20. I had to sit next to someone and I feel really bad for invading her space
    She is reading an enormous textbook and needs so much room but I had no choice ughuhhhhhuyhhu
  21. Everyone around me is so friendly!! Which makes for a very boring live list
    I'm not used to this! The woman in front politely asked if she could recline her seat (of course!) The gentleman next to her asked nicely if he could use our power outlet (of course!) The girl next to me is so accommodating and didn't mind that I almost accidentally strangled her with my phone charger a few minutes ago!!
  22. Finally on our way!
    Only 27 minutes behind schedule! My inner psychopath is definitely okay and very chill with this delay!!!!!!!!
  23. PS: @list @bjnovak @dev @Nicholas is live listing a thing? I think it could/should be and I have several ideas about how to make it work
    DM me for details cuties 💁🏼💁🏼💁🏼💁🏼
  24. 7:48pm - I have been listening to the same song on repeat for at least two hours with no signs of slowing down
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  25. 7:57pm - this is the fanny pack pic @tmarchewski mentioned in the comments
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  26. 7:58pm - I have to pee so bad but I don't want to be the person who uses the bus bathroom
    Everyone hates that person, right???
  27. 8:35pm - just spent the last 30 minutes typing an insane email to List App Support outlining my vision for a live listing feature
    Sorry @Nicholas. Also, I'm personally very persuaded by my arguments. May make it into a list of its own
  28. 8:57pm - we stopped at a rest stop! I don't have to be a bus bathroom user!!!!
  29. 9:03pm - everyone around me is going out to Pgh to visit a significant other and I am smiling through the pain
  30. 9:21pm - Adapted the aforementioned email into a list for your viewing pleasure (also to put pressure on @bjnovak)
  31. 9:24pm - someone has opened a bag of Smartfood White Cheddar popcorn and it is assaulting my olfactory glands
    Fun fact: I despise everything about Smartfood White Cheddar Popcorn. It makes me queasy and the smell alone makes me want to stop breathing altogether. And now, someone has broken the sanctity of this shared airspace by introducing this processed, plastic faux-savory odor into the air
  32. 9:46pm - WOW STILL DRUNK
  33. 10:27pm - definitely underestimated how hungry I would be and now I think I might die of starvation before I even reach Pittsburgh
  34. 10:28pm - still listening to History
  35. 11:11pm - just realized I can't stop and get a sandwich at Wawa when I get off the bus and now I'm so confused as to how I survived 4 years in the fucking Wawa-less concrete jungle
  36. 11:28pm - THE GODS HAVE SMILED UPON US!!! We stopped at a rest stop!!!!!!
    Never have I ever been so happy to see a Roy Rogers
  37. 12:36am - somehow we are a full hour late and I am livid
    How does this happen? There is no traffic! We made very timely stops! Where did we pick up 33 more minutes??
  38. 12:48am - we just pulled onto 376 and I teared up a little bit
    I never wanted to be one of those people who spent their whole life mourning their college but damn, I miss Pittsburgh every day. I'm so #blessed to have spent 4 years here
  40. 1:54am - guys I'm so happy to be in Pittsburgh I could just die