One of my earliest drafts resurrected by Justin's Instagram // Obviously with JT's schedule and the others' admitted lack of stamina, a full fledged reunion tour is unlikely. Also I don't know how any of this works. Here is a plan I came up with in my dumb brain that sounds like legit SUCH EASY MONEY for them (looking at you, Chris Kirkpatrick)
  1. Two concerts. Madison Square Garden.
    Two for filming purposes but really it's one show.
  2. If they sell out (which they fucking WILL), consider adding another night. But just ONE
  3. Stream the second night live in theaters
    Not pay-per-view. Make it an event. I don't know how you live stream the video feeds from a concert to theaters but other people know how to do this.
  4. Film the entire lead up to the reunion show
  5. Let the guys do interviews where they hawk their new ventures
    Not you, Justin. Sit down.
  6. Turn that prep footage/interviews/"hey day" footage into a documentary
  7. Air it on HBO for one weekend only
  8. Package it with the concert performance and sell it on Blu Ray and DVD
  9. OPTIONAL: release one single. Just one.
    For fun
  10. REQUIRED: Justin shuts the fuck up for 80% of it