After last night's Tweetails list (WHAT ARE YOUR MOST TWEETED WORDS?) I thought it would be fun to crowd source another one from the people who know me in person and (I hoped) love me the most. This proved to be a terrible idea because I took it all so personally and now I'm never speaking to any of them ever again.
  1. Stop
    "'STTTOPPPPP I love that!' 'STTTOPPPP I hate it!' 'STTTOPPPP.' That's literally you about everything." - best friend (I mean, EX-best friend)
  2. Listen
    "You start so many sentences with 'listen' and it's like, I'm already listening to you, you don't have to ask me again, JESUS" - EX-coworker/work wife
  3. Literally
    "I mean you usually use it correctly (ed. note: THANK YOU) but that's just because you're so dramatic that everything really is the actual literal worst or best (ed. note: (NOT THANK YOU)" - EX-mom
  4. Yo
    "Why does every sentence have to start with yo? We raised you in a nice neighborhood, how did this happen?" - EX-dad
  5. Nightmare
    "You always call yourself a nightmare. I mean you are, but it's just one of those words I only ever hear you use" - EX-other best friend
  6. AF
    "This doesn't bother me as much now that I know what it means, but it's still weird" - EX-coworker (NOT MY FAULT YOU'RE AN OLD MAN)
  7. Honestly/genuinely
    "I like this, it makes you seem so sincere! But yeah, you say it a lot." - A NICE coworker who is still my friend