1. My dog
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    Okay this is controversial because he is a living creature and I technically don't consider him a possession BUT I wrote a check for him (#rescue) and pay for all his shit so I think he counts. Also I wanted to include a pic of him bc he's the only good thing in my life
  2. My complete Fifth Harmony collection
    I have a copy of literally every physical and digital single or album they have put out. Including Reflection on vinyl. Do I have a record player? No. But I'm 5H trash which means I have to buy it.
  3. My college degree
    I'm still paying for this motherfucker so it has to go on the list (also I'm very proud to be the first one in my dad's family to graduate college so yay me #hailtopitt)
  4. The Hofbrauhaus mug I stole in Pittsburgh
    Legend has it that JFK got caught trying to sneak one of these out of a Hofbrauhaus. Guess who didn't get caught? Me. Guess who also drove through Dallas once and didn't get shot? Me. Fuck this got dark and offensive and I didn't mean it, I'm so so sorry everyone.