Requested by Brett 7


People tell me that I remind them of someone on a daily basis because I have a v generic (by still adorable tbh) face/vibe. These are the ones I get most often. (In descending order of accuracy)
  1. Georgie Henley aka Lucy Pevensie from Chronicles of Narnia (prepubescence only)
    Except she grew up to be a supermodel and I am v normal (still cute tho)
  2. This woman from a birth control commercial
    Obsessed with her hair color and cheekbones but we def have similar vibes like she would be my hot older sister
  3. Amanda Bynes
    But like before the dimples piercing and bad wigs
  4. My dad
    We are literally twins it's so scary I hate it a little bit but also look how cute he is??? And he is def a celebrity because he once was the trivia dancer on Regis and Kelly in 2011 and was nationally televised in his swim trunks (I died)
  5. Ginnifer Goodwin
    I wish I could pull off a pixie cut that well damn
  6. Melissa McCarthy
    This comment is always accompanied by a "but like a skinnier version omg" which like honestly whatever she is fucking gorgeous at all times you don't need to qualify this??? (sry that just gets on my nerves like crazy and makes me wanna punch a koala)
  7. Mishavonna Henson (finalist from season 8 of American Idol)
    Several people came to this conclusion independently in 2009 but I don't totally see it? we have similar mannerisms if you watch interviews of her. She's like a cool, Native American version of me who wears fringe and knit hats and feather earrings
  8. My friends Melanie and Angela
    Not celebs but like it's weird that we all look like sisters
  9. Amy Schumer
    I get this all the time from people who only know of two female comedians: me and Schumer. It's flattering though, I'm not gonna act like I hate it (I just don't see it)
  10. Kate Middleton
    Only one person has ever said this (around the time of the royal wedding) and it's such a lie but I love it and have CLUNG TO IT for almost 4 years #QUEENKATE