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    71 days and counting mf
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    Subtweet game 2 strong
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    Gonna cross stitch this on a pillow and mail it to every man on the Internet
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    Moves to LA and thinks she's an industry expert smh
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    From my solo road trip which I promise to eventually list about
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    #k8headswest cont'd
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    RIP the RTs I could have racked up
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    Wow this is super long I'm so sorry please take this time to grab a water bottle or a snack before we tackle the rest
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    ✨Now let's get into our Relatable Pop Culture Hot Takesβ„’ for Maximum Interaction & Meaningless Internet Clout:
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    Still waiting for that clap back @bjnovak
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    Follow up
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    Hot take on LeBron!!!! Cool girl who loves sports yep that's me!!
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    Olympics hot take!!!
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    Olympics/1D crossover!!!! So on brand and topical!!!
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    Olympics/5H crossover!!! Shoehorning my faves into current events since 1991!!!
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    More Fifth Harmony content to stay #on #brand
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    Can you believe I've been a 5H stan since 2007
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    I share my throne with @katieminard and @kaitlynvella
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    Making current events all about Harry Styles since 2010 ur welcome
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    Tinder hot take!!!!
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    More Tinder!! Man online dating is so relatable!!!
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    Pokemon Go!!!!!
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    More Pokemon Go!!! Defending Millennials!!!
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    #relatable #millennial #tech #nostalgia #pleaselikeme
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    Election content!!! DNC!!! Relevant!!!!!!!!
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    More election tweets! Find U A Man Who Can Do Bothβ„’!!! S/o to @ijeoma for this autocorrect
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    Remember when I defended Taylor Swift on the internet lol #tbt
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    I waded deeeeep into the Taylor/Joe drama last month
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    July was a great fucking month for content wow thank you Kimye and Tay
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    Don't worry Haz, I got u
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    Don't worry boo I got u too @john
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    Mark ur calendars for July 13, 2017 when Brooklyn Beckham comes for Chloe Grace Moretz
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    For all my Hilary Duff stans out there
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    Re: the Lady Gaga/Taylor Kinney breakup! Here I am being insensitive to @torihyndman and @manda's pain!!!!!
    IN MY DEFENSE it had "T❀️S" in diamond letters on the band. Lady Gaga is a lot of things but tacky she ain't. BIG MISTAKE. HUGE.
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