1. Ben picks Lauren B
  2. Caila is the next Bachelorette
  3. Lace, Jami, Leah, Lauren H, and the twins go to Bachelor in Paradise.
  4. JoJo gets blindsided, after Ben specifically promised that she wouldn't be blindsided.
  5. Ben calls Emily by her sister's name, Haley, and realizes he kept the wrong twin all along.
  6. Olivia swallows Amanda's entire head with one bite, in what is actually the most dramatic Women Tell All yet.
  7. Ben accidentally gives a rose to a bowl of vanilla yogurt because he thought it was Becca.
  8. Jubilee fades out of the spotlight and never shills health product pyramid schemes on Instagram because she respects herself too much. She is the only one who lives happily ever after.
  9. More people tune into the Bachelor finale than show up to vote in all state primaries combined.