500 lists and yet still dead inside
  2. Opening the One Direction can of worms immediately upon downloading the app
    From what I could find, this was the earliest posted 1D list in the public phase (10/16) SCENES FROM "ONE DIRECTION: THIS IS US" THAT MAKE ME CRY and also @Nicholas straight up told me that I am to blame so ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ sorry babes
  3. "Introducing" the idea of ⚡️LIVE LISTING⚡️ while drunk on a Greyhound bus
  4. (Former) registered Republican who sometimes pulls out her soapbox for a little too long
  5. Dragging Selena Gomez
  6. ALL CAPS with Kate & @brimattia
    https://itunes.apple.com/us/podcast/all-caps-with-kate-bri/id1112811010?mt=2 ***on hiatus*** check out season 2 comin atcha in a lil while
  7. #clique #clique #clique
  8. Self-Designated Honorary Murphy™
    S/O to the fam
  9. Lowkey harassing HQ at every chance
    Sorry @bjnovak
  10. Being funnier (?) on Twitter
  11. Crying over Sondre Lerche at the Brooklyn meetup
    Don't worry @jakebrandman reminds me of this every few weeks to keep me humble (if anyone tags him I will block you so fast
  12. Also @dev telling me to "CALM DOWN KATE MCGARRY" when I slapped a table for emphasis
    Only @shanaz @salsa and maybe @dfly witnessed this but it seemed very emblematic of how 90% of Li.st feels about yrs truly
  13. List App Homecoming Queen™
    Because I peaked in the fall and everyone will have forgotten my name by the time prom rolls around
  14. 😘✨
  15. Oh, and obviously the ants