Requested by Aus10


I'm hangry guys this is a fever dream of a menu and I can't be held accountable for this list
  2. Chips and guac that I made
    I don't trust anyone else's guac because I'm a nightmare but I've been burned before guys
  3. Also, Qdoba queso blanco
    First we will erect an altar to it and all pray to the queso gods
  4. Apple slices
    What, are you too good for apple slices? Who do you think you are?
  6. Artisanal grilled cheese sandwiches
    @DanaDigsYou posted something about grilled cheese yesterday and I have yet to stop thinking about them
  7. Garnish-less tomato soup
    Stop ruining tomato soup with sour cream or parsley or whatever you keep putting in it STOP PLEASE STOP I BEG YOU
  8. Carnitas tacos topped with avocado
    The carnitas will be crispy and not steeped in juice that makes the tortilla fall apart because I love you and want you to be happy
  9. Grilled asparagus
    Seasoned well, obviously
  10. Black bean burgers for the vegetarians
    If you want cheese, you can only use white American cheese sorry I don't make the rules (oh wait yes I do)
  11. DESSERT:
  12. Wawa chocolate chip cookies
    I'm gonna buy stock in these
  13. Red velvet cake batter
    Served with a spoon and your own personal can of cream cheese frosting