Inspired by @LeahG
  1. Proofread at least once before I post
    And have zero qualms about going back to fix typos that I've missed
  2. Follow people whose content I find engaging and enjoyable. Occasionally purge my following list of people who haven't listed in the last month.
    I've only done this purge twice. Once, right after the Android invasion and again when the "posted a list for the first time in a while" notification started. I love push notifications and I didn't want to turn them off, but it was too much for me. I also accidentally unfollowed a lot of people in those purges so if I unfollowed you and it upset you, I'm sorry and I didn't mean it! I even unfollowed my internet gf @brimattia momentarily so it's not personal, I promise.
  3. Try not to take it personally when I get unfollowed
    One time I lost 10 followers in one day!! It was weirdly very upsetting!!!! But then I remembered that I also callously unfollow and now I'm over it
  4. Relist liberally! Especially if it's a list with very little engagement.
    I have a weirdly high number of followers! Not recommended user levels, but a lot! I like the idea that by relisting something, I'm sending it to 1,600 people who probably wouldn't have seen it otherwise. This is a very weird and narcissistic thing to say! But I love when I relist something by someone with like 10 followers and come back an hour later and see it trending.
  5. Actively seek out lists about views and perspectives other than my own
    Sometimes this is really hard! And I wanna debate about why I disagree! But I like knowing what the "other side" has to say. I'm guilty of not relisting these because I don't want people to pile on them. But know that I'm reading and listening and I love hearing what you have to say!
  6. Only engage in a List App Feud if it's about something that 1) directly affects me or people I love, 2) I am passionate and informed on, and 3) needs my particular perspective at this time
    If it doesn't fall into all 3 categories, I usually stay out of it. And it usually doesn't.
  7. Only block people who actually detract from my List experience
    For example, there were two listers who only ever commented on my lists to point out things about me and my personality that they didn't like. Which okay cool! I'm not for everyone! I'll save us both some time and energy and just remove myself from your feed completely! The only other 2 who caught that #block were openly racist, misogynistic, or otherwise cruel. And then there were the 8 different burner accounts someone used to harass me about my religious beliefs but I don't think they count.
  8. Mildly heckle HQ at least once a month
    Honestly @dev @bjnovak @Nicholas I'm truly sorry and I don't know why I'm like this but for some reason I feel like it's still your fault
  9. Maximum two (2) list crushes at one time
    It's a revolving door of hotties tbh and I will never tell a soul
  10. Don't take any of this too seriously
    But also take it all super seriously because it's the Internet and everything is a catastrophe
  11. List about One Direction at least once a month.