Requested by @angela3950 (#54) // I gave up on this halfway through writing all the descriptions but I FINISHED THEM and it was a LABOR OF LOVE.
  1. Geocities (2001-2002)
    I don't remember much about this phase but I know for a FACT my username included "Angel" in it somewhere
  2. AIM (1999-2009)
    Oh man AIM was so important for my formative years.
  3. Xanga (2002-2005)
    I had like a thousand different accounts, each more embarrassing than the next
  4. MySpace (2004-2007)
    STORY TIME: I got suspended in 9th grade because I made a parody account for one of my teachers. So my parents made me delete my profile but guess what! You had to click another deactivation link in the email to fully delete it! So they say there and watched me delete the account, but they didn't know about the email! So I continued secretly using MySpace by never typing it into the address bar and always deleting every page from the browser history when I was done. It was covert af.
  5. Facebook (2005-present)
    I was one of the first people in my high school to join FB because my parents banned me from MySpace after the whole suspension thing. I actually still use Facebook a great deal even though it's apparently dying.
  6. Bebo (2007)
    Only got one of these to flirt with the Irish exchange students junior year of high school
  7. LiveJournal (2008-2009)
    Oh my god I just found my journal again and it's so cringey but also I'm kind of impressed with some of what my 17 year old self had to say but also I want to smack her for being pretentious and whiny.
  8. Twitter (2009-present)
    I used to be really bad at this and TBH I still am but I love it so much I hope it never dies VIVA LA TWITTER
  9. Tumblr (2011-present)
    I'm not gonna talk about this one but just know that I only started using it frequently when I started stanning Fifth Harmony
  10. Instagram (2012-present)
    I only do this because I have to. I don't understand Instagram
  11. Vine (2012-2013; 2016-present)
    Not to be fake deep, but I hated vine with a fiery passion until @olive and @stars showed me where the good content is and now I'm back into it again
  12. Snapchat (2013-present)
    I was a late adopter because this sounded so dumb. I assumed it was just for teenagers to send nudes and cyberbully each other tbh but I eventually caved. Fun fact: I went to high school with Snap superstar @mplatco
  13. List App (2015-present)
    U already know