My reasons for not having seen a single full episode of any of these universally beloved series and the likelihood that I will eventually give in and watch it.
  1. Mad Men
    By the time I decided to start watching it, it was on its last season and I decided to just wait and binge it all at once, and still haven't gotten around to it. Probably partially because I deal with smarmy ad guys at work so I feel like I already get the show's whole "thing". 👉🏼 97% chance I inevitably finish the whole series in a week.
  2. The Lord of the Rings
    I just never cared. I couldn't get through the books and the creepy goblin freaked me out. 👉🏼85% chance I will eventually watch all of these movies (in the event of Sir Ian McKellen's death)
  3. The Wire
    A guy I went on a date with was SUPER appalled that I hadn't seen it. Somehow his aggressive response DIDN'T make me want to go straight home and watch it??? 👉🏼80% chance I will eventually watch it, and grumble internally about that dumb boy the whole time.
  4. One Tree Hill
    Actually this goes for pretty much any show on The CW. Nothing against them, I just never get around to watching them. Plus Chad Michael Murray and Sophia Bush got divorced IRL and still had to act together??? That's bananas 👉🏼70% chance I will eventually watch it all and fall in love with it all
  5. Breaking Bad
    My roommates were really into this! Everyone loves it so much! I just never was interested in it and I'm sorry!!! I already know the main spoilers so watching would be anti-climactic 👉🏼45% chance I will end up watching it all just so I understand all the references.
  6. Game of Thrones
    Oh god I literally do not care about this fantasy kingdom where everyone gets murdered. I tried to watch this to impress a guy but ultimately decided that it was easier to stop a crush on him than to sit through an episode of this. 👉🏼2% chance I ever make myself sit through multiple seasons of this
  7. The Simpsons/Family Guy/South Park
    I wasn't allowed to watch any of these growing up because my mom was really strict about my media consumption (which is why it's so ironic that I turned out to be a pop culture junkie). From the little I have seen, I just generally don't find this particular brand of humor very funny and I legitimately hate most of the characters. 👉🏼0% chance I will ever put myself through all 147 combined seasons of these shows, sorrz