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Sorry this took so long @roballen! Narry is real okay bye
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    Okay sorry but Harry highkey hates Liam and it's so funny to me.
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    I don't have a lot of feelings about this pairing but one time Zayn called Harry his rock in an interview and I wept
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    Seems like a v one-sided love affair, where Liam adores Niall and is supes affectionate while Niall simply tolerates Liam. Also Liam pushes Niall a lot?? But I am here for all the Niam selfies Liam posts on Insta (even if I secretly think it's because L wants the likes) Fave moment: when Niall yells "Liam it's ONE note" during carpool karaoke
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    It isn't real but if it ever was, it died because you killed it and now it's dead because YOU KILLED IT CAUSE OF DEATH: YOU
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    Definitely the most fun duo to hang with. Louis is the only one who doesn't handle Niall with kid gloves and I think he appreciates that. They seem like they go on fun adventures together and I wish Niall didn't have a janky knee so that he and Louis could be pro footballers together
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    So precious???? I feel like Zayn understood Liam the best. Need a Ziam collab ASAP omg it would be fire ugh my cute falsetto bros!!!! Remember in This Is Us when Liam said bye to him at the airport and Zayn yells down from the escalator "I'll try but I'll miss you too much Liam" MY HEART???!!!
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    TRU BROS!!!!!! They were grungy adorable little devils together. If Narry are the Sandy & Danny, Louis and Zayn are the Rizzo & Kenickie (Liam is Jan, obviously). The weed video is iconic and proves that Louis was the one who really drew Zayn out of his shell and made him have fun. Bless you, Bus 1 crew
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    THESE RASCALS!!!!! Lilo only edges out Zouis because of all the 🔥 songs they write together. I love watching these two on stage with their dumb water fights and ganging up on their bandmates and literally how have they not both accidentally killed themselves yet??? I feel like Louis is the perfect friend for Liam because he calls him on his shit but loves him thru the pain. Definitely the older brother Liam needs.
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    Zayn protects Niall like he is the infant Messiah. He us so soft and gentle with my sweet potato loaf??? And Niall always encouraged/s Zayn to speak up and praised his individuality and passions??? Remember that one MM interview in Italy where Niall is like "tell em just like you told me" after Zayn shyly whispers his answer to a question so only Niall can hear?? CANON AF
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    I could write an epic ballad about my love for Narry. They are the best interview duo and my fragile dove sons. I have gotten lost in a Narry video spiral more times than I'd like to admit. Guys, there are only two certain things in life: death and Narry