1. Ron Swanson
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    @joemurphy - both a little curmudgeonly and also (I assume) very into plaid
  2. Leslie Knope
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    Me - both a little too idealistic and naive and enthusiastic and hyperactive and emotionally invested in our jobs. Love waffles (at first I felt bad putting myself as Leslie but it's my list and if I want to be the main character of my own list I'll do it dammit)
  3. Tom Haverford
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    @michael_circa91 - just a couple of idealistic gents who love the finer things in life. Funny as fuuuuhhhhhh
  4. Donna Meagle
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    @lesleyann - just a couple of no-nonsense ladies who love the finer things in life. So funny and so perfect
  5. April Ludgate
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    @amber - my dark princesses!!! Also low key my favorite character
  6. Andy Dwyer
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    @marymurphy - consistent scene stealer and always has the best lines/jokes
  7. Ann Perkins
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    @sally - just a coupla badass medical professionals who like to get down responsibly and are also fuckin cayoooooot
  8. Chris Traeger
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    @emilyannlosey because she seems very fit n healthy to me and also she's a fucking cutie like Traegz
  9. Ben Wyatt
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    @stars - aka the love of my life. Both v good at supporting people's crazy shit but also calling them on it.
  10. Jerry Gergich
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    @aus10 - but like in a good way because I like Jerry and I hate how everyone mistreats him (but also a goober)
  11. Councilman Jamm
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    @lesbian - MY NEMESIS
  12. Mark Brandanawicz
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    @jakebrandman - both were integral parts of the first seasons of P&R/ListApp and then bounced 💔💔💔💔