(And friends) this was probably my favorite Disney Channel show, like maybe even more than Lizzie McGuire which feels a lil sacrilegious (PS I wrote this draft at 2 in the morning but I'm just gonna leave it as is, so enjoy)
  1. Suga Mama (Henrietta)
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    This woman is a fucking FORCE and puts up with all of Oscar's shenanigans and the dumb twins and Penny being kind of a beeyotch and still does Tae Bo???? I'm still obsessed with Suga Mama
  2. Trudy Proud
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    If you didn't want Trudy to be your mother, you're lying. 💯💯💯💯
  3. Dijonay Jones
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    Damn I love Dijonay. My role model. I was always more like Penny/Zoe but I wanted to be as fearless and fucking hilarious as Dijonay. The way she just goes for what she wants?? 💯 fuck you Sticky for not loving on this KWEEN 24/7
  4. Penny Proud
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    🎶I'm Penny Proud, I'm cute and I'm loud and I got👏🏾it👏🏾goin'👏🏾on🎶 I still say "ooh I can't standju" in my Penny Proud voice. I love her. An absolute legend. Remember when she was Penné??!!!!???!!? And started a girl band????!!!!! God bless Penny Proud
  5. Michael Collins
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    Deals with his homophobic father FLAWLESSLY and is just out there livin his best life
  6. Oscar Proud
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    The OG man child. Great dad but honestly kind of a shitty husband?? The show insinuates that he wants to cheat on his DIME of a wife all the time? And he's just like not very good at being an adult at all?? And also Proud Snacks always looked gross af so he gets docked points for that. Kinda cute tho?
  7. The Gross Sisters
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    I lowkey love the Gross sisters. They got such a bad rap, like yeah they're bullies but also it sounds like they live kind of a hard life?? Cut them some slack maybe, o darling #blessed Penny?? Also remember when Olei got a makeover and was nice for like a whole episode?
  8. BeBe Proud
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    That hair gave him an edge over his twin sister. Still can't stand either one of them though bc why you gotta play so rough all the time????
  9. CeCe Proud
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    Seems like she's gonna grow up to be a nightmare tbh
  10. Zoey Howzer
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    Gurrrrrl, think for yourself for like one minute??? V relatable tho (except I can't dance like her)
  11. Puff the Dog
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    He felt important to include. He's aight but I have no real feelings about him. Mediocre.
  12. Bobby Proud
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    Needs A LOT of attention damn. He always rubbed me the wrong way. Team Oscar (I guess)
  13. LaCienega Boulevardez
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    GRADE👏🏽A👏🏽BITCH. I have nothing nice to say about her. Her capris were kinda cute, I guess that's one.
  14. Sticky Webb
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    Kind of a fuckboi??? I even liked LaCienega better than him
  15. Papi
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    FUCK PAPI AND THAT LAUGH!!!!!!! He is rude to Suga Mama at all times and deserves absolutely no respect.