Requested by @drugs
This suspicion has been confirmed by me asking coworkers if they thought Lily was my girlfriend and them saying "wait is she not?"
  1. She came to my company picnic because I was nervous to go by myself because I had just started that week
  2. We had to explain to everyone we met online
  3. She asked someone to take our picture in front of the moonbounce and we looked v loved up in the Polaroid tbh
  4. This picture is sitting on my desk
    Damning tbh
  5. He always asks me how *my friend* Lily is in a very knowing voice
  6. I told a bunch of people about seeing John C. Reilly at a roller rink and they asked if I was with Lily
    I was
  7. She came to the Lakers game with me (my company has season tickets and employees can sign up for a few games a year) and it just so happened to be one of the 4 games a season my boss also attends
    Except he called her Tess and now that's her name in my phone
  8. We got a lil drunk and took pictures like this
    This is where it all goes downhill
  9. She inexplicably called me babe all night and talked about what our children would be like
  10. She also begged me to take her to Pachanga Resort & Casino for our anniversary
  11. Tbh I could do worse
  12. At my office Christmas party and he just asked where Lily is
    @drugs he's devastated