Mike heard that Trish trended and got jealous
  1. This is Mike aka my dad aka my doppelgänger
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    Aka my sometimes nemesis because he says things like "maybe I'll vote for Trump!" or "why do you watch this garbage?" And even though I know he's joking it makes my BLOOD BOIL but in a very loving way
  2. He's hilarious even though I pretend he's not
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    Ugh he's such a character and he loves telling stories and making jokes and everyone loves him for it. I learned how to be an entertainer from watching him
  3. He is BRILLIANT
    Legitimately one of the smartest people I know. And not even in a specific way, like most people are. He's brilliant at math, writing, engineering, history, etc. One time he told me I was smarter than him and I DIED it was so nice
  4. He's such a hard worker and instilled that work ethic in me
    He gets frustrated with me sometimes because I'm so fucking flaky and distractible but watching him has taught me how to sit down and finish a task before moving on. He is SO good at his job and everyone loves him and calls him "sir" omg I can't
  5. He always helps me out of jams
    Like when I forgot sneakers for gym class or accidentally spent all my money while I was living in Ireland or waited until the last minute to file my taxes. He lectures me enough to make sure I've learned my lesson, but always helps me out to the best of his ability.
  6. He bought me my first beer
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  7. And my first legal beer
    He came out on my 21st! With all my friends! And had a blast!!! He's legitimately so cool and everyone always loves him no matter where he is
  8. He always made sure I had what I needed, even if he had to get creative
    Exhibit A: we couldn't afford a basketball hoop but I really wanted to play, so he drew a hoop at the top of a wall so I could at least learn how to dribble/aim. Then once I got serious enough, he bought me a real hoop and played Horseshoe with me literally every night even after working a 12 hour day AND coached my rec league team
  9. He loves my mom so much
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    It SHATTERS me seeing how in love my parents are. He is the best husband and has given me an amazing example of what to look for in a man. (This picture isn't posed, I just caught them looking at each other like that UGH YOUNG LUV!!!!!)
  10. One time when I was really depressed in college and couldn't get out of bed, he drove across the state just to take me out to dinner and make sure I was okay
    It's one of my most precious memories and I just started crying thinking about it
  11. He brags about me constantly
    Which I pretend to hate but secretly love because I am a closet (?) narcissist. The only time this actually genuinely bothers me is when he tries to tell my stand up bits and gets them wrong and makes me sound unfunny (I'M SO FUNNY I PROMISE)
  12. And I mean just look how cute he looks playing basketball!!!!
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