In light of all the terrible, awful things that have happened in the world over the last few days, let's talk about the GREAT/AWESOME parts of being alive in this specific time in history
  1. List App is still legit
  2. Harry Styles is peak Harry Styles
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    Bless this curly headed angel
  3. Flared pants are about to be back in style
    All my pear shaped gals, raise your hands and PRAISE the fashion gods for releasing us from the skinny jeans prison
  4. Apples can be this big
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    Okay I get that this is kind of bad but like also I love apples so the more the merrier
  5. Steph Curry
    Suggested by @agard
  6. Shonda Rhimes
    Suggested by @stars
  7. Amazon Prime
    Suggested by @drugs
  8. Quality entertainment options are so plentiful it's almost paralyzing (but in a god way) and the diversion us welcome. TV, streaming, music, theater, movies, books, podcasts - I need more time!
    Suggested by @jimmyjamtastic
  9. The never ending anticipation of Frank Ocean's new album!!!
    Suggested by @amber