Screenshot Cleanse II

  1. @drugs is so fucking funny you guys
  2. This person on Facebook who is still bitter over the end of Destiny's Child
  3. @ltoiaivao gOODBYE
  4. For people getting into it on Twitter
  5. One of those auto-generated FB memes but I still took offense at my mom's rating
  6. @stars tests me daily
  7. When I was the mouthpiece for an angry theater goer who shushed @DanaDigsYou & @amber
  8. I've never related more
  9. When @brimattia was dealing with a viral list
  10. The asterisks are a lot, am I wrong??
  11. @stevecady serenading us on ALL CAPS
  12. This FB post that @jackiebenben showed me with ZERO context
  13. Pt. 2
  14. @bjnovak why didn't you answer
  15. I'm not afraid
  16. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯