Selena Gomez Wants to Know Why We Aren't Using Our Voices For Things That "Fucking Matter"

I have the same question myself, SelGo
  1. Selena Gomez is the most followed user on Instagram, with 90.1M followers
    Myself included lol
  2. She has 44M Twitter followers
  3. And nearly 61M Facebook likes
  4. She also has a public Snapchat, which we can only assume also boasts a healthy follower count
  5. So when she comes online and complains that people need to use their voice for things that fucking matter
  6. You'll have to excuse my confusion when I can't find much evidence of her using HER voice for things that, well, fucking matter
  7. Here is a small sampling of her posts since she became the most followed Instagram user:
  8. Her Louis Vuitton campaign!
    Yes girl, get those sponsorship dollars!
  9. Her Pantene endorsement campaign! And all the designers she's wearing!
    Again, not gonna begrudge you earning your coin! You have great hair!
  10. Diet Coke (which is currently the most liked Instagram post EVER. EVER.)
    Your lyrics being on the bottle IS cool as fuck! Celebrate ur success!
  11. The Big Bang Theory I guess?
    Okay, okay. I love sitcoms too. Even ones that have been going on for about 3 years too long. But you know what that's like, right?
  12. Pictures of herself looking hot!
    FUCK YES!!!!!! All for that self-love! You are gorgeous and do not deserve the scrutiny that I know your body has come under recently. I love that you love yourself. Your acceptance and celebration of your body is a great message for young girls
  13. Her with her crew!
    Yes! Support your backup dancers and your stylists and your tour crew and everyone who makes your tour run smoothly and helps you have a successful career!
  14. Her with her fans!
    Yes! See above!
  15. Pseudo-activism?
    okaaaay so this is about leaning in? I guess? Women supporting women? Okay I'm with you, I'm with you
  16. This inspiring (?) post?
    Okay okay I can see how this might be a strong attempt at feminism. It's weird of you to post this after playing the villain in your bestie's video for a song that is clearly designed to tear down and shame another woman but whatevs
  17. But okay, maybe she's mainly using Twitter to talk about shit that fucking matters
    And look! She is!
  18. #ForThe49
    A song benefitting the victims of the Orlando shooting
  19. #BigSlickKC
    An event supporting Children's Mercy Cancer Center
  20. #RIPChristina
    The GoFundMe for her friend, Christina Grimmie who was killed by gun violence while meeting fans after a show last month
  21. #KillEmWithKindness
    Okaaaay her new single and maybe? A comment on the state of our nation?
  22. #KillEmWithKindness again
    I was on board with this until the "lol" at the end
  23. #SG2, her next album
    Look, I'm not mad at you for that self-promo. Sell records. Get your fans excited for new music. I'm with you, girl.
  24. #GomezOrGoHome
    Her tour merchandise available for purchase on her website. Yes! Sell those overpriced shirts!
  25. #HappyFathersDay! #ShareACoke™
    Okaaaay I get it, I know you got a contract
  26. An app where you can make your own music videos to famous songs. A fine ad, I'm not mad
  27. Her new movie on Netflix™
    I haven't watched this but I'm sure it's v good and #woke since she only uses her voice for things that fucking matter!
  28. Her official Facebook page shows similar results:
  29. Pics from her #RevivalTour
  30. Her #KillEmWithKindness video!
  31. This great video from #LeanInTogether!
  32. This acknowledgement of her fans' project #WeAreWorthIt
  33. Prep for the #MetGala!
  34. International Women's Day!
    See guys, I TOLD you she was a feminist
  35. But wait, she has yet to speak out on #blacklivesmatter or the violence in our communities being committed against black people, police officers, protesters, and bystanders in general?
    Or the multiple and varied acts of terrorism occurring around the world, the mass shootings that happen almost daily, the Turkish military coup, just to name a few. Or if you want to stay specifically #Feminist©, the murder of a British MP who opposed the Brexit, the "honor killing" of a Pakistani woman because her brother thought her Instagram brought her family shame, the stunning misogyny displayed by a major party's nominee for POTUS (although I guess Republicans can't publicly oppose Trump)
  36. Because she doesn't think hashtags make a difference?
  37. But they worked all those other times.....?
  38. So Selena, what is it? Are you constantly using your platform and your voice for something that fucking matters?
    Because if so, I gotta tell you that your track record is pretty fucking weak. And I tried to make you look good. I added every. Single. Instance of activism or altruism on your Official Social Media accounts that I could find. But I shouldn't have had to look that hard.
  39. Or maybe, just maybe, are you complicit in the silence that you only lambast your industry for when it suddenly affects your very public best friend, Taylor Swift?
  40. Because here's the thing, Selena. Hashtagging something doesn't save lives. Posting a #woke pic on Insta doesn't stop a bullet. But it sure as fuck shows that you support the cause and believe that it fucking matters.
  41. You don't get to throw a halfhearted attempt at feminism up on the internet once every three weeks, and then lecture the world on what they should and should not use their platform to discuss.
  42. But don't worry about it, Gerrick Kennedy from the LA Times told us who you really are
    (h/t to @crossedties for reminding me of these)
  43. And what you ARE willing to use your voice and the massive platforms at your disposal for
  44. And it's apparently not what really fucking matters.
  46. Oh, and before any of y'all try and come for Kim K in my comments, please do not.
    Because in between her selfies and promos for her own brand and replies to fans and takedowns of America's Sweetheart, she also wrote this