I'm obsessed with my Sleep Cycle app. I have a lot of trouble waking up naturally and this is supposed to determine when you're closest to being awake in a 30 minute window so your alarm goes off then instead of when you're smack in the middle of a REM cycle. Also this list is the epitome of Overshare™ but enjoy anyway
  1. The night I was probably clinically dead for three hours
  2. The night I was startled awake by cramps so bad I laid awake crying for 30 minutes before resuming a comatose state
  3. The night of a thousand Ws
  4. The night I decided my 4:45am alarm was a joke and fell back asleep and missed crew practice
  5. Any night I sleep in Philly
    Because sirens go off and dogs start barking and neighbors start yelling at any time of night and my precious suburban biorhythms cannot handle the adversity