I've been here one week and I already know everything tbh
  1. Everyone runs at least one red light a day
    Are traffic signals suggestions here???
  2. There is no dress code for anywhere
    Which is great! I will never be under or overdressed for anything!!! Also stressful!!!!!!
  3. Everyone has been an extra on a basic cable show at one point or another
    Literally everyone. Even the babies.
  4. It is 82°F every single day
    It's so? weird?? not to check the weather every day before I leave???
  5. Compton gets a bad rap
    It's not that bad?? I mean I have not been outside after dark but everyone has been so friendly?? (S/o to @boygirlparty for pointing out my bad pun there)
  6. Everyone only eats kale, Korean bbq, and açai bowls. That's it, nothing else.
    Guys I chose BROCCOLI as a side dish when I ordered tacos. Who have I become??
  7. Everyone is taking 37 different multivitamins and supplements
  8. Everyone is perpetually on their way to Pilates
    Or CrossFit
  9. Verdict: I love it here and I'm never leaving