Songs Hillary Clinton Should Walk Out to Tonight, But Probably Won't

Playlist: also these are all 100% serious and if any of these have ever been played in her vicinity I will die a real death (this is the worst list I've ever written plz feel free to unfollow)
  1. "That's My Girl" - Fifth Harmony
    You've been down before (Americans!)! You've been hurt before (Americans!)! You got up before (AMERICANS!!) ! You'll be good to go!!!! Destiny said it! You gotta get up and get it, get mad independent (but still vote Democrat but like you get it)! Got some dirt on your shoulder? Let Hillz brush it off for ya IF YOU'RE FEELING ME, PUT YOUR FIVE HIGH. THAT'S MY GIRL (Hillary)
  2. "For You" - Demi Lovato
    FOR YOU (America)! She'd do anything for you(Americans)! Nail her heart to the ceiling! Put her fist through a wall! She takes the blows like a champion! But she gets nothing at all!!!! (Okay obviously she got the nom but man, gf has been through it bc the Hillary standard is REAL)
  3. "Be Alright" - Ariana Grande
    We're in slow motion! Can't seem to get where we are going (yet!!!)! But the high times are golden because they lead to better days!!! Baby don't you know! All these fears gonna come and go! You just gotta make up your mind (and vote for Hillary) and then we gonna be alright!!!!!
  4. "I Won't" - Little Mix
    All that she got should be enough to make it work!! Cause all that she want is to love and just be loved (and by loved I mean voted for) She'll never let it go cause we can do this on our own! We have too much to let it fall! And she won't! Let anybody tell her no!!! She won't! Take anything for granted! Cause she knows that nothing good comes easy! If it did, she wouldn't be her!!!!!
  5. "Suspicious Minds" - Elvis Presley
    Why can't you see?? What you're doing to her (and us!!!)! When you don't believe a word she's saying (even though all the fact checkers give her an A+!!)?? We can't go on together with suspicious minds! And we can't build our (American) dreams on suspicious miiiinds!!!!(okay yes a healthy amount of skepticism is v good, stay suspicious bc all things political are shady but also you get it) Let our love survive! Don't let a good thing (America) die!
  6. "Salute" - Little Mix
    Warriors!!! your country needs you!! Don't need ammunition on our mission when we hit you with the truth!! If you're with me women, lemme hear you say LADIES (and gents and nonbinary folk) ALL ACROSS THE WORLD (mostly the US sry) LISTEN UP WE'RE LOOKING FOR RECRUITS IF YOU WITH ME LET ME SEE YOUR HANDS STAND UP AND SALUTE. GET YOUR KILLER HEELS, SNEAKERS, PUMPS, OR LACE UP YOUR BOOTS. REPRESENTING ALL THE WOMEN (okay not all, there are valid criticisms but for the sake of the song) SALUTE SALUTE
  7. "No Way" - Fifth Harmony
    We know the core of her is good!! She's our tarnished hero! We ignore those with opinions of hate! We're not like the rest of them, ""friends"" with insanity as of lately!! Everyone comes with scars (especially politicians) but you can love them away!! I think that's why we belong together and unashamed! We told you that she wasn't perfect! No way!!!!
  8. "Listen" - Haley Reinhart
    You and me (her), we can do anything!! Nothing scares me more! Than losing out to the unknown (a TRUMP presidency!!)! We're stronger together so wake up! Can you see the tide is rising? Coming closer every day. Can you feel the sun is getting warmer? There's no time to waste. You hear me? Can you hear me???? LISTEN. (Btw CLIMATE CHANGE IS REAL)
  9. "Hard Out Here" - Lily Allen
    There's a glass ceiling to break uh-huh there's money to make (and a country to run)!! And now it's time to speed it up 'cause I can't move at this pace (seriously 240 years tho) Sometimes it's hard to find the words to say, but she'll go ahead and say them anyway. Forget your balls and grow a pair of TITS. It's hard, it's hard, it's hard out here (in this world of double standards, especially when it comes to our expectations for female politicians!) for a bitch!!!!
  10. "Love Me Like You" - Little Mix
    Last night I lay in bed so blue (get it?)! Cuz I realized the truth, they (Trump!!!!) can't love me like you! I tried to find somebody new (no really we tried v hard) baby they ain't got a clue, they can't love me like you!!!!!!
  11. "Buyou" - Keri Hilson
    I don't know whats going on baby!! What the hell is going wrong baby!!! I don't need no broke broke boy (who has filed for bankruptcy multiple times!!!) tryna holla! So baby shut it up til you show me some dollars (and by dollars I mean tax returns!!!!!) // okay yes this is possibly the worst song lyrically for her to walk out to but fuck if it isn't the perfect femjam to stroll out to like a BO$$ and speaking of...)
  12. "BO$$" - Fifth Harmony
    (Did you think this song wasn't going to be here?) YOUR ASS BETTER SHOW HER SOME RESPECT! Also she pledges allegiance to her independent girls in there!! (She hears you!! She will be better!!!!) So if you're #withher come on let me hear you sing yeah yeah YEAAAHHHHH (also many mentions of Michelle Obama!!!!!!! And I am 100% sure 5H would rerecord this to say Hillary Clinton if she asked)
  13. "Run the World (Girls)" - Beyoncé
    (I mean come on)