Hi @abc123 / @tlas / @tlas1 / @tlas2 / @tlas3 / @tlas4, thank you for your inquiry
  1. I'm not embarrassed at all. I laid out my points and responded to your questions, but you chose to ignore my actual words and continued to attack me based on your own interpretation of my meaning.
  2. I simply didn't feel like the discussion was productive or civil anymore, and since you were clearly choosing to ignore what I was actually saying in order to continue to hurl ad hominem attacks at me, I decided to block you on all three (now six!) of your accounts so we could both move on with our lives
  3. After I blocked you, your comments disappeared from my list. That's how it works when you get blocked. Once I realized no one else could see them either, I decided to delete my own because they no longer had any context
  4. I'm not ashamed of what I said or embarrassed by the things you asked me. Here are some excerpts:
  5. Static
  6. Static
  7. I didn't screenshot the last few comments where you explained that you meant orthodox to be the correct belief, and not actual Orthodoxy or where you suggested I cannot make up definitions of words to fit what I want them to
  8. Nor did I catch the one where you created @tlas3 just to send me this link - https://carm.org/cut-jesus for anyone so inclined
  9. Please leave me alone. I'm not scared of you or unwilling to engage when challenged. I'm just frustrated and tired. Aren't you tired? You clearly don't like me, so why not disengage from me entirely?
  10. Creating account after account just to comment on my lists can't be the most fun or productive way to spend your time
  11. Goodbye stranger. Be well
  12. And to those who will question my decision to publish this list: I didn't feel the need to deal with this privately or anonymously because I'm not a coward. I freely and happily assign my name and face to everything I say. I think it says volumes if you aren't willing to do the same.