Inspired by @torihyndman
  1. Look I'm into surprises and also I feel really weird asking for gifts straight up so here are things I'm decidedly NOT into:
  2. Coffee
    I'm sorry I've tried
  3. Tea
    I'm sorry I've tried
  4. Dark chocolate
    I'm sorry I've tried
  5. Sour candy
    I'm sorry I've tried
  6. Anything with nuts
    No allergy, just don't really care for them
  7. Cold weather gear
    That LA weather is no joke bruv
  9. Anything handmade!
  10. Or store bought!
    I know you have limited time and resources and making things yourself is a lot of work! I promise I'm going to love anything you get me because you put THOUGHT into it! And that's what matters!
  11. Or not bought at all!
    I will love you forever for even sending me something.
  12. No literally. Last year I didn't get anything from my secret Santa. So all you have to do to top that is send me anything around Christmas time
    Of course s/o forever to @thecomicswife for getting me a lovely present in January!!!!! I still use the notebook and the Old Bay was the first and only spice in my cabinet when I moved and prevented me from having to eat bland chicken for weeks
  13. Also FYI I leave for home on December 23rd so if anything is time sensitive or perishable, it will sit in my lukewarm lobby for 5 days if it gets there after then
  14. I love you already and if you are stressed about this please do not be. xoxoxoxoxoxoxoxo