1. When you drop into an "authentic" accent for a single word to prove that you know it's foreign
    Tortilla. Mozzarella. Tapas. Like okay Alex Trebek, we get it. You studied abroad in Western Europe for 3 months.
  2. Bemoaning how "stupid" and "uncultured" and "ignorant" Americans are
    I'm not here to defend my fucked up love nest of a nation but like wow you think America is a wasteland what an original and insightful opinion kudos to you my very brave friend!
  3. Being a fan of something before it got popular and getting frustrated when they actually become successful
    Congrats wow you truly are a pop culture #hero for begrudging the financial and commercial success of someone you claim to support and adore.
  4. Women who proclaim to not be like other girls
    "Lol I'm not like other girls, I have no emotional needs and sometimes I burp and play video games and also I like Radiohead so like ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ I'm just ~*0N3 0f tHa GuYz*~" gurl WHAT ARE YOU DOING
  5. Thinking mainstream pop culture is stupid or inane or otherwise unworthy of discussion
    Wow I am in awe of your ability to assume that something that someone else enjoys is worthless specifically because you are completely uninterested in it my GOD you are a true hero
  6. Your hot take on millennial culture
    Oh is the latest generation of young adults ruining everything? Good to know, thank you so much for your insight. See you in 30 years when we're bitching about people born in 2013 and their alien squads or whatever.
  7. When people go on about how they won't do something and then do it anyway.
    This is just as annoying in fictional characters, too. *cough Meredith Grey cough*
    Suggested by @Jodiehoklas
  8. Women who "just get along better with guys because girls have to much drama".
    Similar to your not like other girls point. I just don't understand why people tell this to me all the time when I'm a girl. Also, my gender has nothing to do with the amount of drama in my life.
    Suggested by @applesarahgate
  9. When people shame other people for liking something "for the wrong reasons"
    "Oh you like Death Cab for Cutie? Your favorite song of theirs is 'I Will Follow You Into The Dark?' Ugh that's their most popular song." OR "Yeah you probably only watch that show for the romance parts." YOU BET I DO FUCKER. Don't tell me that I'm liking something wrong.
    Suggested by @jb_piper
  10. How much money you make 💵💰
    Do I care about your salary/wage? No. If I ask you about your work I want to know what you do all day, if you like your job/coworkers, anything. But don't brag to me about making 6 figures and then complain about how my pension is ruining the state budget (unfortunately true story)
    Suggested by @e
  11. When people parade around their "weirdness" and they're not actually that weird
    I'm happy that you're happy that you wrote on your sneakers but don't act like you've been excommunicated The Normals and have no choice now but to start your own colony of free spirits. P.s. Everyone is weird ok
    Suggested by @llamaface