Perfect req as always, thank you @michael_circa91 😘😘😘
  1. Taylor Swift
    Intersectional feminism, about $150 million, and at least 1 foot of leg
  2. Mariah Carey
    Approximately 3 octaves, opinion of Nicki Minaj, and level of comfort being a diva
  3. Mindy Lahiri
    A medical degree, license to carry, and a well-playing job (we're both fictitious)
  4. Anna Faris
    Only one of us is actually married to Chris Pratt
  5. I'm not secretly Amish
  6. Anna Kendrick
    A Tony nomination, Oscar nomination, Grammy nomination, and 5 million Twitter followers
  7. A decent taste in music
  8. Tina Fey
    Which Philly suburb we grew up in, and whether or not our friendship with Amy Poehler is based in reality
  9. Niall Horan
    Our genitalia (literally the only difference I can come up with)