Requested by @mlb
Thanks for forcing me to figure out what I'm grateful for, @mlb! It's been a rough couple of days and this was a good reminder
  1. My dog, Devo
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    The only constant bright spot in my life. Sometimes I call him my significant other and no one thinks twice
  2. My improv team, Rage Friends
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    I've been temporarily performing with another improv group and it's making me appreciate the chemistry I have with my regular team on and off the stage. These gals have gotten me through a lot of emotional turmoil over the last 9 months and practicing/performing with them is always the best part of my week. (And if you're in Philly, come see us perform! )
  3. Shake Shack
    I'm only kind of kidding about this one. I ate there the other day for the first time in a while and remembered how much I love it. Viva Shack Sauce!!!!!
  4. Cross stitch
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    This is a brand new hobby and I am so happy I picked it up! It keeps my hands, thoughts, and creativity busy which is a godsend. Plus it has the added benefit of accomplishment once you finish a piece! Yay for completion!! Yay for small, short term goals!!!!
  5. List App
    Duh. I fucking love you guys so much it hurts sometimes