Requested by @jakebrandman ages ago! This is a story I used to tell a lot before Hathahate went full steam ahead and everyone shit on her constantly.
  1. I was an extra in Love and Other Drugs
    November 2009. It was my freshman year at Pitt and someone had stopped me outside the Student Union and asked if I wanted to be an extra in a movie. I found out later that literally thousands of students signed up and they picked ~250. I still consider this my big break.
  2. We were shooting in an old abandoned high school in downtown Pittsburgh
    Felt very glamorous. Spent an hour waiting in line for our wardrobe to be inspected (I missed the official fittings so my outfit had to be approved, and the stylist was VERY impressed 💅🏼). Then another 3 hours in a classroom eating snacks from craft services and shooting the shit.
  3. We spent TWO WHOLE HOURS staring into Jake Gyllenhaal's soul
    So so beautiful and kind!! Shook almost everyone's hand and asked if we were okay and if everyone was treating us well!
  4. And we caught a glimpse of my then hero, Anne Hathaway!
    I was OBSESSED with the whole Princess Diaries franchise in middle/high school so this was a dream come true!!!
  5. She took a Make A Wish child to lunch
    So sweet!! Giving back to her fans!!!
  6. Fast forward 2 more hours and we're finally wrapping
    250 extras leaving out of one staircase leads to bottlenecking issues so
  7. My friends and I decide to find a shortcut out of the school
    Bad move. Everything is locked because duh it's a film set and they don't want people flitting in and out
  8. We wander through some dark hallways and finally find an unlocked exit
  9. We stumble out blinking in the bright daylight
    Very disoriented
  10. I can see the shape of a car and some people milling around it
    But can't make out any details or spatial reasoning
  11. Then I hear my QUEEN Anne say "please make sure I don't have to deal with any more bullshit like that"
    Okay so she may have been referring to the Make a Wish lunch but I have a feeling it was something actually stupid. But my friends took offense to this anyway
  12. At this point I am still star struck and also still adjusting to the light
  13. So somehow I manage to walk directly into Anne Hathaway. Like physically bump into her
  14. She looks down at me very surprised and says "ummm hi?"
    In a way that anyone would if someone is in their way and they weren't expecting it. Witnesses called it a "snotty tone" but I don't remember it being quite that bad
  15. UM. HI.
  16. UM.
  17. HI!!!!!!!
  18. The woman who played my favorite literary character on film and voiced my favorite audiobooks and is just all around my favorite human being said UMMMM HI TO ME!!!!!!
  20. Then I heard her "people" talking.
    Never a good sign
  21. "Oh she's on one today" "Ha surprise, surprise" "America's sweetheart, ladies and gents"
  22. I was so distraught over the fact that I literally touched Anne Hathaway that I didn't fully register the context of our meeting
  23. So when my friends and I sat down for dinner later and they were talking about what a bitch Anne must be, I was shocked
    But then the pieces started to come together in my head. I mean she WAS pretty rude. And they were grumbling about her as if they complain about her behavior all the time. Is she....kind of the worst? No way, right??
  24. Now that I'm older and wiser, I realize she was probably having a shitty day and was just fleetingly rude to her people
    As in, she's not a bitch on a regular basis but was having a bad day/moment. I have those all the time! And I can't really fault her for being rude to me because I was where I wasn't supposed to be and crowded her personal space. I mean I LITERALLY ran into her.
  25. Sources say she's a handful but I will always love Mia Thermopolis
    No matter how many cloyingly sweet acceptance speeches and faux self-aware interviews she gives
  26. But something clicked that day and she fell off the pedestal
    Which is probably for the best because she is human and prone to mistakes despite sometimes acting in films.
  27. And that's why I never want to meet any of my other favorite celebrities ever again
    Except One Direction because obviously
  28. I also learned that sometimes you can spend 8 hours on a film set and still get cut out of a movie
    And that maybe you should double check the rating before you accidentally sit through several sex scenes with your parents
  29. EDIT: I'm worried I wasn't very clear here
    I definitely don't begrudge Anne for being short with me, or think she's a terrible person! At all! I honestly was slightly put off by it at one point but I got over it pretty quickly. This list is just about how meeting your "idols" can remind you that they're actually human which can put cracks in the veneer you've assigned to them.