It's a busy place up here
  1. Titanic: A New Musical
    Stage design is unreal. UNREAL. Music is excellent. They talk about the second class!!!!! They talk about the crew!!!!' They highlight the power struggle between the captain, owner, and builder!!!!! Historical context is given throughout! Also, Still is the greatest love song of our time don't @ me. It won a bunch of Tonys when it debuted and yet I still can't get a revival 🙄 watch this please
  2. Arnold Schwarzenegger's speech at the 2004 RNC when he says "then I am a Republican"
  3. The history of boxed cake mixes (and how my professor lied to us)
    She originally told us that when it hit the market in the 50s, they had figured out how to make it so that you only needed to add water, but people didn't like that because it felt like "cheating" so Betty Crocker retooled the formula to require eggs so people had the illusion of baking. She spent a whole lecture on this and I was SO fascinated by the psychology behind it. YEAH. TURNS OUT THAT'S NOT TRUE AT ALL THOUGH. HOW FUCKED IS THAT???
  4. The Babysitters Club theme song
    Say hello 2 ur friends
  5. The Dear America series
    @sophiack im gonna come over and steal all of them
  6. What the heck happened to Donna's sister Tina from the first season of That 70s Show?
  7. If Hogwarts was real, that house system would fuck up all those kid wizards
    I have a draft marinating about how Hogwarts would be the worst if it actually existed and Tilda Swinton's recent admission that she hates Harry Potter is emboldening me to post
  8. Jump 5