Jet lag is real as fuck y'all
  1. Gone through and renamed all my Snapchat contacts by their real names with proper capitalization
    U messy freaks
  2. Written/rewritten/submitted/rewritten/resubmitted my monologue for next Friday
    Lol time crunch
  3. Applied for my dream job
  4. Cried about the fact that I won't get that job
  5. Watched 4 episodes of Crazy Ex-Girlfriend
  6. Prepared several Spring Cleaning list drafts 📁💐
  7. Went 132 weeks deep on an Instagram crush
  8. Snapchatted @michael_circa91 about Taron Egerton for like too long
  9. Edited a paper for my bb sis
  10. Read everyone in my life's horoscope
  11. Freaked out about next week's monologue show and drafted an email pulling out last minute
  12. Deleted that email
  13. Lay awake thinking about it
  14. Here we are
  15. Someone save me sos