Inspired by @marymurphy
  1. My dog
    To my parents because they'd be so pissed lololol
  2. My nail polish collection
    To @marymurphy because I saw that lone bottle of Tangerine in your med supply drawer and wanted more for you
  3. My Pittsburgh mug
    To @amber aka my PGH bae
  4. My first edition of Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire
    Which includes the "James before Lilly" error in the Voldemort duel that was corrected in later editions. To @danabethmarie because it feels like something she would treasure
  5. My journal of conspiracy theories
    To @stars who I trust to take up the charge
  6. My Yoga Toes
    To @kaitmaree because I feel like she would love them
  7. My carefully crafted ASMR YouTube playlist
    To @DanaDigsYou, the only person who didn't look at me like I had 4 heads when I mentioned ASMR. Also, a standing invitation to sloppy joe night.