1. A woman breastfeeding on 6th Street
  2. Several tiny young girls and boys marching with their parents
  3. Approximately 30,000 pussy hats
  4. A man in a Vietnam Vets hat and a Black Lives Matter shirt
  5. Multiple generations of women marching together
  6. An elderly woman holding a sign that said "I can't believe I'm still protesting this 💩"
  7. Marchers and police officers thanking each other for remaining peaceful
  8. Peaceful assembly
    There is a time for less peaceful assembly and I support the hell out of that too tbh
  9. Palpable love in the air between everyone gathered there
  10. Mothers kissing their daughters on the cheek and crying
  11. Jane Fonda in her Suburban
    I gave her an air fist bump and it was magical