1. When you text someone new and their name turns blue
    Something about knowing that the other person also has an iPhone is very reassuring. I think that's why I love List App so much. Not an Android weirdo in the bunch.
  2. When it's raining outside but you're warm and dry in a car
    I have always loved this. It's like you're in a really cozy bubble. If you ignore the really shitty/dangerous parts of driving in the rain, it's actually a very beautiful concept. Just floating along through the world in a little metal bubble
  3. 4:30 am
    I used to row so I got very well acquainted with 4:30am. I love it because no matter what time of the year it is, it's still dark but it's not like pitch black. The streets are almost always completely abandoned and everything is very peaceful. Bars are closed, but shops aren't open yet. Street lamps are still on. It seems contradictory but I feel safer on the street alone at 4:30am than almost any time of day.
  4. Smelling my dog
    Okay this sounds really gross but he isn't a smelly dog! He usually smells like crackers or corn chips or grass or sometimes brown sugar? And he's so warm and cuddly and soft and it's just nice to bury my nose in his neck when I'm sad or stressed
  5. Rolling a piece of putty between your fingers
    My drug of choice is that rubbery adhesive you use to stick to posters go the wall of your dorm room