Times I Cried During Fifth Harmony's That's My Girl Music Video

The only thing I want to talk about today: http://youtu.be/sY3rIlrTTh8
  1. When it started
  2. When Ally was leading the choreo
  3. Anytime they danced with flags
  4. And they did it a lot
  5. Seriously. A lot.
  6. This G O R G E O U S one take shot
  7. When they resurrected Camren
  8. When Camila and Dinah did this
  9. When Normani did this
  10. And this
  11. Fuq and this
  12. Last one
  13. When Camila did this
  14. When Lauren stared into my soul
  15. And reminded me it would all be okay
  16. And when she shoved the camera out of the way
  17. When Dinah tried to sell me drugs out of her coat
  18. When Ally did her best which is all we can ask
  19. When I remembered there wasn't a feature for the first time since Sledgehammer
  20. When I was boppin hard but also still trying to look for a storyline
  21. When they saw me crying and were like "cmon babe let it out"
  22. When they threw dirt on my grave
  23. HOW
  24. DARE
  25. THEY
  26. DO
  27. THIS
  28. TO
  29. ME
  30. G O O D B Y E