Inspired by @angusisley
  1. Woke up
  2. Spent approximately 2 minutes confused about where I was
  3. Filled my meter
  4. Ate a slice of cold pizza
  5. Called my mother
  6. Fell back asleep
  7. Woke up
  8. Filled my meter
  9. Ate another slice of cold pizza because I forgot about the first one
  10. Watched 2 episodes of Bachelor in Paradise
  11. Showered
  12. Filled my meter
  13. Got brunch in Los Feliz with my new roommate
  14. Tasted a lavender latte
  15. Went to Target and window shopped for furniture
  16. Bought pillows for my new bed
  17. Filled my meter
  18. Watched 2 more episodes of Bachelor in Paradise
  19. Filled my meter
  20. Went to Spare Tire with my roommate and met up with a friend of a friend who lives 3 blocks away from us
  21. Started a group chat with said friend of a friend and my roommate
  22. Walked friend of a friend who is now my friend home because she was nervous
  23. Flung myself on my couch dramatically to illustrate how tired I am
  24. Wrote this list