1. The reaction it inspires
  2. Everyone jostling for proximity
  3. To prove we are affected
  4. To claim our own sliver of grief, as if it's a limited quantity offer and the sale ends tomorrow
  5. We cash in our most tenuous bonds to the inner circle of mourning
  6. "Yeah, I knew them"
  7. "We sat next to each other in homeroom. She drew flowers on her notebooks with Wite Out"
  8. "Our moms worked together for years"
  9. "He spoke at my brother's graduation"
  10. "He lent me a quarter once when I didn't have enough for the vending machine"
  11. "I coached her field hockey team at camp when she was in middle school"
  12. "They used to live down the street from me when I was a kid"
  13. We show off our paper cuts while others bleed out
  14. We push past each other to climb up the ladder of the human experience
  15. To show we noticed. That we felt it
  16. "Yeah, I knew them. Not well or anything, but it still hurts"
  17. Like, comment, share, repeat.