I work in the maritime technology industry and we all got google alerts for articles about TS Kate this morning. 89% of my coworkers are middle aged men. This is how the rest of the day went:
  1. "Thar she blows!!!"
    When I walked into the cafeteria
  2. "Oh shit, looks like she's about to make landfall!"
    When I had a tense conversation with a coworker who asked me to do something that is not my job
  3. "Hey, I thought you were supposed to be in the Bahamas? Ha ha ha ha"
    I wish I was in the Bahamas and not here in this dumb office listening to all your dumb dad jokes
  4. "Hey did you hear they had to halt the El Faro salvage because of that damn Kate? Such a troublemaker!"
  5. "Looks like we're gonna miss our sales numbers because of Kate AGAIN"
    This was dumb and unfunny because I am not in sales and also bust my ass for that damn team so I almost hauled off and hit the guy who said this
  6. And that's all before 1pm