Okay because obviously Adele, Beyoncé, and Christina are the voices of our generation but this list is for the runners up. Defend your suggestions with live vids and words, babes.
  1. Tori Kelly
    Literally go fuck yourself if you don't think she's amazing. SHE IS CONSTANTLY PITCH PERFECT. HOW WHAT??? HOW http://youtu.be/wpHdmnEfgos
  2. Haley Reinhart
    You know that Extra gum commercial that made you cry? Or that sick Creep cover that went viral earlier this year? This is the fucking amazing voice behind those songs. Idol and Interscope did her so dirty. Can't wait for her EP later this year WATCH THIS http://youtu.be/a6dxNsWMb_E
  3. Kelly Clarkson
    Oh my god, even though I'm not in love with some of her newer songs, Kelly is a goddamn legend. We are lucky to live in her era. http://youtu.be/JN66KH4lr0I
  4. Ariana Grande
    She is our marble mouthed Mariah and we must respect her as such http://youtu.be/LHNBKpR6jxE
  5. Demi Lovato
    Legit don't care if you think she's screaming. Her voice is insane https://youtu.be/AtFWFlntLZY
  6. Ingrid Michaelson
    Listen I know everyone covers Can't Help Falling in Love but Ingrid's is SO GOOD it made me cry in the Like Crazy trailer, and that movie's only okay. Also, she covers Taylor Swift's Clean here and it's better SORRY http://youtu.be/YnqsffGn7sY
    Suggested by @leahgayle
  7. Florence Welch
    Of Florence + the Machine. Do I have to explain more than that? https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=RpOJPPpCNn8
    Suggested by @tmarchewski