We Need To Talk About The Li.st Account

  1. So last night we got a backstage peek at the @list account's home screen
  2. And I have a few questions:
  3. Only 2 drafts??? How is that possible when I've been on this app half as long as you and I have 149
    Also, what are they??
  4. Only 4 saved lists? Of 250,000 lists? What are they?
    I mean I can assume they are the lists @brimattia and I wrote about ALL CAPS but no one really knows
  5. Only 33 list requests? Are y'all THAT proactive about cleaning up your inbox? Are you inbox zero people? Please teach me your ways
  6. Is your following count a subtle homage to the late 00s band 3OH!3?
    Please say yes even if the answer is no
  7. @list please advise