I am indecisive and weak, plz help. Must order within 41 minutes. Expensing this meal anyway, prices are only there to marvel at because damn is this really what they charge for room service????
  1. Pizza - $18
    Mozzarella and basil? Do I like basil???
  2. Pepperoni pizza -$18
    Pepperoni isn't extra????? This hotel is magical
  3. Quesadilla - $14
    Chicken, specifically
  4. Burger - $17 (add Bacon +$2)
    A $19 burger???? Better be served on a bun trimmed with gold leaf ffs
  5. Pint of ice cream - $10
    Chocolate, vanilla, or strawberry AS IF I NEEDED ANOTHER CHOICE YOU MONSTERS
  6. Chocolate Decadence cake - $10
    I have no idea what this is but damn it sounds good af