I prematurely posted a list instead of saving it as a draft and didn't realize it for a whole hour. This is my story. (RE: THE FIVE BEST THINGS IN MY LIFE RIGHT NOW )
  1. Oh cool, a ton of List App notifications! 💁🏼
  2. I wonder which one is commanding all this attention?
    Especially since I haven't posted anything since last night?
  3. Wait what?
  4. OH SHIT
  5. Whatever I'll just delete it and repost
    I mean I could just edit it but people have already seen my half-finished draft and now my brand is tarnished!!! I feel like the Wizard after Toto pulls back the curtain.
  6. Damn, people have already liked/relisted it
    Now I REALLY can't take it down
  7. Aw man, it was a request??? Now I can't delete it
    I mean I guess I could just ask @mlb to resend it? Is that too self-involved of me?? Would she care? Am I thinking too much into this??
  8. Plus if anyone has my notifications turned on, they've already seen it
    I'm now very aware of how often I list because I'm afraid of annoying the 2 or 3 people who have my notifications turned on (btw, I love you whoever you are)
    WHO ELSE HAS SEEN THIS HALF-FORMED MONSTROSITY??? And did they think to themselves "huh, I guess she doesn't really give a shit" BECAUSE I DO, I GIVE LOTS OF SHITS
  10. Maybe if I list about making this mistake, it'll draw attention to the new updated list and it will reinforce the fact that I care deeply about List App
    Since there is no live listing feature yet that would send it back into people's feeds (AHEM)
  11. I wonder what it's like to not have your sense of purpose tied to an app?
    I couldn't tell you what that feels like
  12. (This is the part where I metaphorically slap myself and realize it's just not that deep)
    TAKE A SEAT KATE, NO ONE ELSE CARES THAT MUCH. The world is still spinning on its axis. It's gonna be fine.