I turned these celeb sqwwwwads into an analogy for my real life circles
  1. Nick Carter - BSB / my cousins
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    Youngest of the 5, also the most turbulent. Last one to settle down and probably the most reckless. Requires the most attention. Has the whiniest voice.
  2. Joey Fatone - NSYNC / my high school friends
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    The kinda chubby one who was still p cute but in like a very specific way that not everyone understands. Both dyed our hair weird colors. Never got any solos. Everyone thought we were the least likely to succeed but we ended up being like 2nd most visible post-breakup
  3. Niall Horan - One Direction / my college rowing team
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    The only thing anyone really knows about us is that we're Irish and like to drink pints. Underrated for our talent, but lowkey the most popular. Funniest by a landslide.
  4. Hermione - Harry Potter / my coworkers
    The only girl. Everyone makes fun of us. Always the most stressed out. But probably the only one who would have the balls to punch Malfoy in the face.
  5. Aidy Bryant - SNL / my improv team
    Underestimated by everyone but my teammates. Really good (like freakishly good) at playing melodramatic teenage girls. Probably the best rapper of the bunch. Most likely to be called Lil Baby.
  6. All of the non-Nicole Scherzingers - Pussycat Dolls / my college friends
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    No one outside of our crew ever knew my name or what I did