We all grew up worried about the weirdos we might meet in an AOL chat room and now look at us! Internet friends are one of our culture's most gravely misunderstood phenomenons and I am here to spread the good news
  1. You can find perfect little pockets of people who love the same things you do and in the same way you do
    My first Internet friends came from a Facebook group of One Direction fans who were also feminists and over the age of 20. It sounds so weird but they are all so perfect and beautiful and exactly like me! Whether I'm freaking out over a particularly🔥Zayn selfie or discussing the greater meaning of Drag Me Down or speculating about what Harry's tweets mean, I have a safe judgment-free place to do. Because that's what brought us all together!
  2. Internet friends know that it's weird to have Internet friends so the initial barrier of awkwardness doesn't exist
    Okay 1) with social media as prominent as it is, it's actually not that weird to have Internet friends but 2) Internet friends are on a level playing field! You are (probably) equally creepy (and by that I mean uncreepy). You definitely have a common interest so there's ALWAYS something to talk about, even if it's just "so isn't this kind of weird?"
  3. It's actually kind of less scary than anything else we do?
    This is really only true if your Internet friends reside on FB. It's VERY tricky to fake an entire profile dating back to 2006. You would have to build a whole fake network of friends, do some heavy photoshopping, and work some pretty long hours to effectively catfish someone on Facebook. It's inarguably easier to trust someone once you've seen their album of Piknik'd pictures from 2009. Considering 1 in 5 couples meets online (what), Internet friends are here to STAY.
  4. Sometimes it's nice to confide in someone you don't have to see in real life
    You know how sometimes you tell your friend something juicy or maybe not ideal and all of the sudden things are weird and kind of awkward? With Internet friends, you can give each other space to process without being obvious about it. Just go offline for a lil! Or don't respond to a message immediately! Internet friends understand that you have to live your life and that you aren't available online 24/7. Plus you don't ever have to worry that they'll accidentally spill your secret at brunch!
  5. Having semi-anonymity makes it easier to open up and be honest
    You know when you have a crush on someone but you don't want to tell any of your mutual friends? Or anyone who might ever meet them? Internet friends are great for this! There's no need to be self-conscious because they don't know this person and likely never will, so they have zero preexisting opinions! And can offer a different perspective on that weird text he sent you that was just "👾🚜🎚"
  6. There's always someone to visit!
    I have met up with Internet friends all over the world! Okay only in two countries but still! It's nice to go on a trip and know you have a lifeline if things get boring or you get stuck at a lame business dinner in DC and need an excuse to leave! It seems creepy at first but you get over it once you realize how much you already know about this person. (Just like text someone you know IRL your plans in case they're running a long con, of course)
  7. There's always someone to talk to!
    I have intermittent insomnia which means sometimes I'm up at 3am thinking about which NSYNC song best encapsulates the demise of Britney and Justin (it's Celebrity, btw). It's nice knowing that I have people in almost every time zone that I can ping if I'm lonely! I loooove fake deep chats in the wee hours of the morning (like the ones described in One Direction's "AM") and Internet friends are perfect for this.
  8. In conclusion, Internet friends are the bomb and I love having them