This is nowhere near an exhaustive list of traits that would make me a terrible leader of the free world but they're the most important ones imo #draftmas
  1. I require too many hugs
    I don't think presidents get enough hugs tbh like real hugs like when your mom hugs you after you get home from college for the first time. If I ever meet Obama the first thing I would ask him is if he had been genuinely hugged recently and then give him a great mom hug
  2. I am too irrationally compassionate
    Literally everyone would be pardoned
  3. I am too emotional
    This is not a "woman" problem, this is a Kate problem. I cry too frequently and I would get mad at someone who said something rude about one of my government friends and I would throw them in jail.
  4. My tweets are inane
    Holy shit my opposition would have a FIELD DAY with my internet activity since 2006. I am in the top 10% of most embarrassing people on the Internet. No one would ever respect me enough to make me commander in chief (and honestly they shouldn't, that's a tall order and people who drunk tweet as often as I do should be barred from being that responsible for weaponry)